Transform Your Body and Mind

Pole dancing classes are designed to accommodate all levels of pole dancers, while the fitness classes embrace developing the strength that will help advance dancers on their pole journey! All that is required is a positive attitude and the desire to experience a truly fun and artistic workout! Both women AND men are always welcome, and encouraged to drop by our studio to see the passion and inspiration that is the environment of Brass Angels Pole Dance & Fitness Studio.

We work out in yoga attire and wear shorts in higher level classes. High heel shoes and boots are allowed in higher level classes, but are not necessary and often discouraged when initially learning more advanced moves.



Pole Dancing Classes

Whether you are a beginner or pole diva, Brass Angels has classes for all levels starting with the fundamentals moving all the way up to impressive tricks and spins! All classes are one hour long and include a warm up, followed by a mix of floor work, muscle conditioning and flexibility exercises, and of course pole techniques to help students gain strength and confidence.


Pole Level 1

Learn the foundations of pole dance and get your body to understand the pole.

Pole Level 1 is open to all levels.


Pole Level 2

Putting it all together to utilize your transitions, swings, rises and floor moves combined.

Successful completion of Pole Level 1 is required.


Pole Level 3

Time to learn swing combinations, handstands and invert preps. You will begin to learn basic inversion and dismount techniques with spotting. Safety mats required and provided.

Successful completion of Pole Level 2 is required


Intermediate/Advanced Pole

Intermediate/Advanced Pole fusion class is a combination of moves. This class includes aerial poses, combinations and sequences. Safety mats required and provided.

Successful completion of Pole Level 1, 2, 3 required.


Open Pole

Practice anything you’ve learned in class with the help of an instructor.

Open Pole is open to all levels.


Fitness Classes & Specialty Classes

Become stronger, leaner, more flexible and confident without even realizing you’re working out! Our fitness classes are designed to strengthen and tone, as well as compliment your pole dance practice. Whether you’re looking to transform your body, gain more confidence, become stronger or just have fun, come by our studio for an empowering experience!


Lyra – Aerial Hoop

Aerial hula hoop is a supportive way to condition and sculpt while being suspended in the air!

It is an amazing workout that strengthens all levels and ages. It incorporates suspended athletic conditioning, and pole inspired movements. You will use the basics to expand your range of motion on the hoop and challenge you to use your body in new ways.

Lyra is open to all levels.

*Only 6 spots are available.


Suspended Aerials

Come fly with us in our Suspended Aerials class.

Combine conditioning with aerial yoga poses and transitions for a fun workout. This class ends with a relaxing meditation cool-down.

Suspended Aerials is open to all levels.

*Only 6 spots are available.


Baby Silks

Baby Silks, is a artform when the performer will hang, rotate flip and lock in, around and inside two fabric strands. We take the fear out…keep the fun…and add safety!
Our Basics Series will take you off the floor, hang you by your knees and roll you around with some aerial fun!! Fabrics are safely distanced so that the body is no more than 4′ from the floor.


Tricks & Transitions

Learn some tricks and transitions with Mel, learn how make all your pole moves flow or learn some new tricks and combinations to add to your pole love.


Polished Pole

This conditioning based class is perfect for getting you into the next level of pole. If you are having trouble with your holds or inversions, come join us.

Completion of level 1 is required.


Dance Flow

Dance Flow is the cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance. An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat.

Dance Flow is open to all levels.


Pole Conditioning

One hour of body weight exercises designed to strengthen and tone your core plus shape legs, butt, back and arms. Work pole specific muscles to build your strength for your nemesis moves.

Class is fun and fast paced with great tunes to keep you moving; the environment is supportive so you can work at your level and progress comfortably each week.

Pole Conditioning is open to all levels.


Rise & Stretch

Stretch and lengthen those tired muscles in this morning class. Wake up and feel revitalized.

Rise & Stretch is open to all levels.


Sexy Flexy

Improve your shoulder, back and leg flexibility in a relaxing and warm environment.

Sexy Flexy is open to all levels.


Exotic Pole Dance

Having trouble with the sexy side of pole? Good, then this special 4-week session is perfect for you!

Each week you will learn a new mini-choreo dance so don’t worry if you are unable to make each week.

Even if you love this style of pole dance, we’re sure you will learn a thing or two. Bring your knee pads, leggings or leg warmers if you’ve got them. High heels are optional!

Exotic Pole Dance is open to all levels.


Pole Flow

Unleash your inner Goddess in this sexy pole flow class complete with dancey transitions, floor work and heel clacking dance moves.This class is great for anyone who wants to learn the sexier side of pole or to compliment your pole tricks.

No experience necessary Beginners and all levels welcome.


Lap Dance

Chair with a sexy twist. Learn the moves that will make jaws drop! Utilize the chair for balance and as a sexy prop in this fun dance class.



Come out and learn how to twerk, learn the basic and a twerk dance.



Chair dance. Step outside the box, and get funky with a chair class!


Abs & Booty Bootcamp

This class provides a workout specifically targeting the butt, legs, and core. It’s designed to burn fat, tone, and sculpt a bootylicious booty and rock hard Abs.

All fitness levels welcome and no equipment is required.